I saw the funniest thing on Tucker Carlson's PBS show. Carlson said Kerry was a 'wuss' and that women didn't find him attractive. No disrespect to Carlson, but when Al Franken challenged him to a boxing match, Carlson appeared to wet his thong on CNN and passed on the whole hand-to-hand combat thing. For Tucker Carlson to call Swiftboat Commander Kerry a 'wuss', that's not spin, that's dementia.

But it was his comment about Kerry not being attractive to women that was bizarre. If Commander Kerry isn't masculine enough for women, what chance in the world would Tucker Carlson have?

Tucker Carlson is a very bright, articulate, witty guy. He wears a cute little bow-tie. He could fairly be described as 'wussy', but I'd think he could find himself a girlfriend. Why would he think women aren't attracted to articulate men like himself? How could he even bring himself to say such a thing--on television, no less? I mean, how could he even form the concept in his mind that men like himself aren't attractive to women? His male guest, an urbane, sophisticated man, immediately responded, "Well, I do pretty well with women." He kind of 'pimped' when he said it. That's the response I'd expect from a sophisticated, articulate heterosexual man. Tucker's female guest just looked at Carlson like he was crazy.

Can you imagine 'Wolf' Blitzer on CNN saying, "Women don't find men like me attractive. They like the caveman type."

I can only conclude that Carlson was talking about his own taste in guys. He doesn't find sophisticated men like himself attractive. So what does it mean? If Tucker Carlson likes the 'George Bush' type, if he wants a hillbilly to drag him out of a singles bar by the hair, more power to him. Have a ball, baby! It just means that nothing he says in the campaign has any credibility.


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