Are We Unified Yet?

When in trouble, make a speech.

To me, it seems like self-parody for Obama to make a speech to solve his Jeremiah Wright problem, when his claim to the Presidency is based primarily on speeches: His 2002 anti-Iraq War speech which didn't stop the war. And his 'One America' speech that had no impact whatsoever on the people closest to him. Yet, how predictable it was for our mass media to wax like Pravda drones over the 'greatest speech in human history.'

I once heard Will Smith 'the Fresh Prince' make a brlliant observation on his success. He said when he tells a joke, both black and white people laugh, but they laugh for different reasons. And he knows just what those reasons are. I'm reading pundits saying it was so honorable not to throw Jeremiah Wright under the bus. Maybe he couldn't bring himself to do it, but it wasn't in his political interest either. He's already got Iowa's and Wisconsin's delegates in his pocket. Now he needs his black voting bloc so angry so they won't vote in the general election if Obama is not the nominee. It's not enough to get 90% of the black vote, he's got to keep that vote enraged; he'd lose that by dumping Wright. So instead he blew off Reagan Democrats. His strategy is: intimidate the superdelegates, get the nomination, then worry about the general election.

Just two weeks ago he falsely accused the Clinton camp of leaking the photo of him in African dress. He lied many times in the most ridiculous, bare-faced fashion about not knowing of Wright's extreme bigotry. And equating Geraldine Ferraro's controversial statements with this man who wants America to burn in hell for eternity? That a 20-80 split of the take.

Bait and switch? First, he was 'Post-racial.' He won Iowa and Wisconsin. Now, he's Mr. Race. 'We have to talk about race until we're unified. We can't do anything until we talk about race.'

Or a twelve-step program to purge racial guilt? First step is 'post-racial.' Step two is a long conversation about race. Step three is accept that anti-American anger is justified. Step four is sugar-coating Malcolm X. At this rate, Step 12 is accepting Jeremiah Wright as your savior.

I find the whole thing a self-serving farce. But Obama's problem is that Reverend Wright is more charismatic than he is:

Wow! Sean Hannity says he can't find Reverend Wright for an interview. Obama rushed him out of the country -- maybe to Africa. I don't think they should let Reverend Wright out of the country. He might come back at the head of an army. If I wasn't a proud American, this guy would have me damning America to hell.


At 4:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As ususal, you are RIGHT on the money. As a black woman I was more than offened by his speech. In one swoop he was able to make his problem, OUR problem. Pastor Wright will be in Dallas at a friend's church later this month. The church he will be visiting has a pastor who is a "truth talker", but he does it WITHOUT daming the United States/ Israel, etc.

At 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are sooooo funny, I was laughing so hard when I read this although I should be quite sad that you're right on every single count. You're a brilliant and courageous man, I may have to order some books of yours.

I remember the Wil Smith line too, I also remember him saying that he didn't want to run for President (I think the question was "office" but Wil Smith thinks big) and he said he had no intention of running but if he wanted to.......he'd know exactly how to do it and he would win.

I believed him when I heard it too. And, I bet we would have been unified by that celebrity candidate instead of having racial warfare in the streets because Iowa is over, the Guilt vote is an easy mark, and Obama knows how to anger up (I meant, fire up) his base.

Question. What are the two totally different reasons a Wil Smith joke works. Inquiring minds have to know!

At 10:07 AM, Anonymous soupcity said...

Thanks for another great post, I really look forward to reading your clear, to the point, take on these issues.


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