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People are shrieking about Kerry's smiling stab at the heart of the Cheney family. Did he do it on purpose? Well, it looks like his style. There's no doubt he was fucking with the President's mind when he quoted from his much, much, much smarter father's book predicting quagmire in Iraq. In the first debate, while laughing at the size of Bush's alliance, Kerry subliminally asked George Bush Jr., "Whose your daddy?" That was very Nixon-like by Kerry. I liked it, and it apparently worked since Bush subsequently self-destructed. "You forgot Poland, Daddy?" was fodder on dailykos.com for days after the first debate.

It is possible that Kerry and Edwards were trying to get into Dick Cheney's head over his gay daughter. It's late in the game, and yes, they are playing smooth and dirty. Very Nixonian. I like these guys more and more each day.

I'm not sure whether all the hoopla hurts Kerry or Bush. How does all the attention to gay stuff play in Bush's extremist base, I couldn't imagine since I don't understand those people. Does it hurt Kerry with women? Ony if people believe he did it deliberately. It could as easily look like the Bushies have gone paranoid. Look for PFLAG (Parents of Lesbian and Gays) to come to Kerry's rescue.

On the other hand, it could help Kerry with men, if it looks lhe Kerry has got the Bush camp jumping at shadows. Bush appeared to tense up in fear in the third debate when Kerry said, "I'd like to pay the President a compliment." From Kerry, a compliment could just as likely be laced with poison, and Bush didn't know when or how Kerry would strike next. That's guerilla war for you, folks.

My personal opinion: the kind of sneaky guerilla sniper mentality Kerry is showing is exactly what we need in a President if we're going to string Bin Laden's nuts around the White House Christmas Tree.

Yep, folks, that's Swift Boat Commander Kerry, aiming for your testicles from behind the camouflage of his fatherly grin. A true American kiiler.


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