Speak From The Heart - Hillary Clinton At Wellesley

I saw blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughn a New Year's Eve Concert - one of his last concert before he died in the summer of 1990. As his band jammed behind him, Stevie Ray stopped playing for a moment to talk to the audience. I couldn't hear what Stevie Ray was saying, but I could tell he was speaking about something deeply personal. I was moved even without hearing his words.

Later on I saw a video of a Stevie Ray Vaughn show of television. Now I could make out that Stevie Ray was talking about his recovery from substance abuse, hoping anyone with the same things going on will find their way to recovery, so they can be there for their families when they need them. Wow! It was powerful stuff -- but it was as powerful when I saw Stevie Ray live and couldn't even hear his words.

That's the point of my Youtube video 'Speak From The Heart - Hillary Clinton at Wellesley.' You don't need to hear their words -- just look at the faces of these supporters of Senator Clinton, young and old, and the Senator herself.

This was the event where the media said Hillary 'played the gender card.' Judge for yourself -- as it a wonderful, inspiring day or something negative, as the media portrayed it?

The music is 'A Beacon In Beige' from The New Amsterdams (At The Foot of My Rival) and 'The Greatest' from Cat Power.


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