President Neville

In Washington Times, Martin Sieff outlines coming confrontation with Iran over nukes.  Iraq quagmire is Iran's trump card as they maneuver their way into the nuclear club.  Another glaring example of Bush diplomatic impotency - Russia and China are paving way for Iran to go nuke, perhaps to 'contain' perceived American adventurism.  George 'Neville' Bush offers nothing put pillowtalk to Iran.  No wonder - tough talk to Iran while we're overextended in Iraq raises spectre of draft. Now what is Israel supposed to do, let Hamas become a nuclear power?

If Iran goes nuclear, I put it squarely at the foot of the Iraq strategic blunder.  If we shoot at Iran to block their nukes, they'll shoot back at Israel.  Then we can forget about a stable Iraq.   Are we in checkmate? Thanks a lot, Dick Cheney!

If Nixon had strategized this poorly, the Communists would have won the Cold War.


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