Rudy Giuliani - 'The World Is Mine'

I hope Giuliani goes nowhere. Though it's not very reassuring if Huckabee is the reason. The subtext to Giuliani tanking, Huckabee and Obama rising is "Bush was a good President, he solved terrorism." That's scary naive. Clinton vs. McCain would restore my faith in the good sense of the American voter.

My animation is inspired by an old 'Three Stooges' spoof of Hitler, Hirohito and Mussolini - 'I'll Never Heil Again' (1941). In a summit with his axis partners, Moe (amazing Hitler imitation) grabs a globe and rounds around the room yelling 'The World Belongs To Me.' The Stooges brilliantly portrayed the dictators as lunatics, especially when you realize, with their insane antics, the Stooges were actually more rational than the people they were skewering. Classic, over-the-top political humor -- made when the U.S. was still neutral in WWII!


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