The Axis of Misogyny

Jake Tapper at ABC reports on Emily's List response to David Shuster (yechh). The David Shuster Coalition is out in force on the net cooking up spurious defenses. I'd hate to be Shuster's psychiatrist. Can you imagine that man's free associations? Yechh.

Shuster is the true face of the 'Obama Movement'--that's Obama's dirty secret. Sure there's the youth vote (which Clinton won in California). But the David Shuster Coalition is the real reason Obama is in this race.

Is Obama to blame? That doesn't matter. There's a tautology between a candidate and the people who push that candidate to power. He loves to talk about 'change', but Obama's real base is the Coalition of Sexists -- and their hangups are the oldest hangups in the world.

Who is willing to join forces with David Shuster?

The Axis of Misogyny is rising up against Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama is their only Hope '08.


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