Race Ad Nauseum

The New Black Panthers. Arizona. Rev. Wright. NAACP. We're caught up in a political race war started by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Far Left (Jornolist). Team Obama is so used to being patronized, they were caught off guard when the Tea Party punched back. Watch this clip from The View where John McCain patronizes a ridiculous question by Whoopi Goldberg on whether McCain wants to re-enslave blacks:

That's the kind of passive response Team Obama/NAACP were expecting from the Tea Party. Surprise! Now the President is neck deep in race soup. Shirley Sherrod was a victim of 'friendly fire' in Obama's media race war, now stinking up the country something awful.

Jornolist appears to be a bunch of racially clueless white leftists, adults who actually believed a Black President would bring 'The Revolution' like toddlers believe the Tooth Fairy will leave a nickle under the pillow. Throwing down the race card like poker junkies on crack, Jornolist has no idea what they are doing. They're just taking their cue from Team Obama.

Bu what does Team Obama think they are doing? Recession-strapped white voters turn on the news and all they see is race, race, race. They're not even talking about 15% black unemployment. No, it's the return of slavery. So what's the plan? The best case scenario is sad: Team Obama is pinning their 2010-12 hopes on racially polarized elections. They've written off the white vote and they're trying to hold onto power by mobilizing the non-white vote through paranoia. Also by manipulating the radical white left, reeling from disappointment, who look to be desperately in search of a sense of purpose. (Afghan withdrawal? Sure, with David 'Enduring Committment' Petraeus as the Tooth Fairy. It's clear that Petraeus negotiated not only cancellation of Obama's 2011 withdrawal plan, but also reversal of Obama-McChrystal rules of engagement to minimize civilian casualties.) The existential crisis on the Radical Left makes them pigeons to be mind-fucked by Obama yet again. Obama's betting the Netroots will find their raison d'etre in an online game of virtual 'Race War'.

The worst case scenario is that Team Obama does not want any white votes (except for white leftists). Their 'transformational' dreams are impossible if they are saddled with a white constituency, so winning with white votes isn't even worth it. I'll buy the least alarming scenario for now.

I think Jornolist is a completely juvenile cartel of political gamesters. Either that, or their brains have been destroyed by groupthink. Collectively, they gamed to ignore the clearest signal that Obama was talking bullshit: the Rev. Wright story. Despite his pretty words, Obama was never committed to racial harmony: his leadership failure within Wright's church proves this. Not that he attended the church, but that he did nothing to heal the race victim psychosis run amok in Wright's congregation. Why didn't he make a Big Race Speech to Trinity United? That Obama was full of it, that he was playing Jornolist for suckers, that he would fail them on {Guantanamo, Afghanistan, the public option, Wall Street reform} was all predicted by his cynical calculations in black Chicago. Inside Trinity United, Obama played the same stand-down game that he plays now with the Pentagon (Petraeus = Rev. Wright). Jornolist did everything to silence the smoke alarm screaming 'BULLSHIT!' Now they're surprised. LOL!

I don't see how this nauseating, race-drenched media climate helps Obama politically -- except maybe as a Hail Mary pass. Will blacks turn out based on the Chicken Little gambit? I mean, Republicans wants to bring back slavery? Did Reagan-Bush I-Bush II mask their secret plans to bring back slavery by appointing black people to sit in Henry Kissinger's chair? I guess Dr. Rice was just the token Secretary of State. And Alberto Gonzales was just the token Attorney General. Did blacks turn out for Emancipation to stop Bush in 2000? 2004? We didn't go back to Jim Crow during the ascendancy of the Radical Right under George W. Bush. As Jesse Jackson might say, if not then, when?

Getting back to the Whoopi Goldberg video. Blacks can comfortably indulge in 'victim neurosis' when whites patronize them. But when the other side starts punching back, playing the race card becomes a sickening experience. Much like a man can wallow in sexism, but when he goes to work and finds his new boss is a woman, his neurosis becomes acute and painful. He can either stew in his hangups until they make him sick and miserable, or he can grow up and get over it. This free-fire zone that Obama has blundered into can't be fun for black voters -- especially since its mostly bullshit. It's not like Rodney King or Amidou Diallo, or other legitimate grievances.

This brilliant column by Star Parker suggests that blacks are not as paranoid as Team Obama counts on. We'll see, but I can't believe a majority of voting blacks are worried about returning to slavery. Many blacks may be as sick of hearing 'race race race race race' as whites are. I know I am.

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