What Was Kennedy Drinking?

The Dem leadership has screwed things up. If Clinton is the nominee, black voters will be deeply wounded. If Obama is the nominee, Clinton's passionately loyal base will be furious and Reagan Democrats will become McCain Democrats.

This no-win scenario was cooked up by the cock-eyed Democratic leadership. What was Kennedy thinking when he 'passed the Kennedy torch' on to Obama without vetting him first? Did he think Obama was going to win going away against the tough-as-nails Clintons? Was he too drunk to see he was putting the race on course for a convention fight?

Today, Kennedy looks like a drunken alcoholic fool. He passed on his brother's legacy to Obama, who's been sitting for 20 years in a church where the pastor preaches "what Malcolm X said was true" -- that Kennedy's brother deserved to get his head shot off, it was the 'chickens coming home to roost.' And the congregation cheers.

This is the same Ted Kennedy who had the audacity to challenge an incumbent Democratic President in the 1980 primary, despite having perjured himself to beat the rap on womanslaughter and alcoholic homicide. Kennedy, the unelectable 'O.J. Simpson' of American politics, stayed in the race despite a deficit of nearly 1000 delegates, taking potshots at President Carter right up to the convention. Kennedy helped the Republicans rebound from Nixon/Watergate to run the table on the Dems in three straight landslides (until Bill and Hillary Clinton intervened). The legacy Kennedy passed on to Obama was not his brother's legacy of greatness, but Ted's own legacy of sabotage and delusion.

Dean says we need our nominee now. Is he impaired? We could have had our nominee on Super Tuesday! If Dean wanted to avoid a convention floor fight, he should have seated Michigan and Florida before Super Tuesday. I wrote this back in January.

Remember Super Tuesday? It's conventional to blame Mark Penn now, but Penn's big mistake was not anticipating the drunken stupidity of Ted Kennedy and the nutless, gutless idiocy of Howard 'the Coward' Dean. If they didn't want a floor fight, why did they do everything in their power to cause a floor fight? What are we to think of these people?

The best scenario for the Democrats was for Obama to make a respectable run, make black voters ectastically proud, inspire the youth vote, break fundraising records, and then accept the Vice Presidency, or turn it down to run for Governor of Illinois. All the fruits of the early Obama phenomenon were already there for the Democrats to reap -- fruits any sober, non-sleeping adult could have seen were rooted in passing make-believe .

That was House Ways and Mean's Chair Charles Rangel's plan. Clinton's most powerful black supporter, Rangel encouraged Obama to run for President while "the wind was at his back", not to expose his weaknesses as the frontrunner, but to set the stage for a glorious, unbeatable future. Sounds like a plan.

Instead, the Democratic 'leadership' (LOL!) pushed the situation out of control. Now they can either write off Reagan Democrats, piss off women, and lose yet another in a string of Dukakis-style landslides. Or they can dump Obama and wound black voters. If they could even spell the three-letter word 'win', they would have counted Clinton's wins in Michigan and Florida before Super Tuesday and Kennedy would have kept his big mouth shut. Everyone would be happy today.

I don't fault Obama voters for closing the gap and moving slightly ahead of Clinton -- that's absolutely their choice. But how can the Dem leadership complain now about a tight race when they helped tighten the race? They made the bed. Sleep in it! Because if they didn't see it coming, there's no reason for anyone to trust their political judgement.

They're not geniuses over in the anti-Clinton wing. That's for damn sure.

**I never knew President Kennedy's father Joe was an anti-semite. I found that out when an Obama apologist aired ancient Kennedy family laundry as part of Obama's post-Wright 'moral equivalency' damage control spin campaign. This is how they repaid Kennedy for boosting Obama right before Super Tuesday.


At 5:56 PM, Blogger 30yrdem said...

Thank you for pointing out just how awful Howard Dean has done his job. What was he thinking, I to hold him responsible for this mess we are in. Ted Kennedy always has looked like a fool to me. One thing I hold on to, No one he has ever endorsed for president has ever made it to the White House. May history repeat itself.

At 7:26 PM, Blogger Canaan said...

Yes. Remember when we were talking Clinton-Clinton-Obama-Obama? We were set for 16 years until Dean and Kennedy stepped in to screw everything up. Thanks for the info about his endorsement record, I didn't know that.


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