Dear Senator Leahy

Dear Senator Leahy:

Let's play Jepoardy:

Clue: Pat Buchanan understands Democratic voters better than Pat Leahy.

Question: Why do Democrats always lose Presidential elections unless a Clinton is running?

With all respect to a former friend, your claim that Hillary is hurting Democratic chances in the fall is wrong. Chaos and confusion in the primary is worse than a healthy, hotly contested primary. No one in the party seems to know the role of superdelegates! No one in the party seems to know why you have superdelegates in the first place!

You, Kennedy, Kerry, Daschle, Richardson, Dean, Brazille and Pelosi-- with your bizarre public comments on superdelegates, give the impression of chaos and confusion in the anti-Clinton wing. With all respect, you should all shut up. You are not helping. Add to that the confusion over Michigan and Florida. As a lifelong Democrat, you make me feel that anti-Clinton Democrats are too confused to control the Executive Branch. This has nothing to do with the candidates, but with these unwise intrusions from confused, biased 'party leaders.' Especially since your frontrunner is a novice who will depend on advisors and 'operating officers' -- it looks like the confusion we see now is endemic in the anti-Clinton wing of the Democratic party and that an Obama administration would be a failure.

Granny Obama: 'Typical White Person' lost in Harlem.

I keep seeing Obama's grandmother in New York City, surrounded by 'black men', not knowing where to turn. Really, if you crossed the street every time you saw a black person in New York, you'd spend forever walking in circles.

I want to make sure people know about this piece by Wayne Barrett in New York's Village Voice on 'Morning Joe' Scarborough and the sickening bias at BSNBC:

"Scarborough has a remarkably partisan past that is steeped in deep Clinton hatred. And unlike his conservative colleagues at Fox and CNN, his message reaches far deeper into a party still considering a Clinton. It's the network's liberal image that camouflages Scarborough ..."

"The first two abortion doctors murdered by pro-life assassins were shot to death on their way to Pensacola clinics, both during Joe Scarborough's first congressional campaign. In 1993, Dr. David Gunn was killed, and Michael Griffin was accused of his murder. Scarborough represented Griffin pro bono ..."

" ... the largest donor to Scarborough's cash-starved [congressional] campaign was the National Right to Life Committee ..."

Wayne Barrett deserves a Pulitzer for his work on Rudy Giuliani -- good stuff that helped stop that awful candidate from getting traction. Hillary is 44 recently featured Barrett's work on Michigan-Florida in a post that exposes Dean as shell-shocked and basically out of it, and Brazile, Tom 'Loser' Daschle and Obama as liars.


At 8:25 PM, Blogger peggy said...

I agree with you that the democrats are in alot of trouble. This should be a slam dunk for the democrats this year and if Obama is the nominee, Cain will be president. At this point, I don't care. I have just found out I can't write in on the ballot so if Obama is the nominee I will vote McCain.

Who ever heard of super delegates before this? Its so confusing. Now there are super super delegates. They can appoint delegates that will vote the way the super super delegate want them too. Amazing!

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At 8:04 PM, Blogger Arturo Ui said...

"Let's play Jepoardy".

Let's play spellcheck.


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