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This isn't pleasant. I did some editing of Rev. Wright with 9/11 footage and the Zapruder film of the Kennedy killing:

The Obama talking points are: (1) Wright was actually quoting some guy named Edward Beck who no one has ever heard of. Bullshit. Wright was quoting Malcolm X and he says so:

"What Malcolm X said when he got silenced by Elijah Muhammad was in fact true. America's chickens ... are coming home to roost."

You see in the video the congregation starts clapping before Wright finishes the sentence: "America's chickens (pause for applause) are coming home to roost." The congregation recognizes the infamous quote by Malcolm X on the Kennedy assasination. So the 'Edward Beck' talking point is very feeble bullshit.

Obama Talking Point (2): We're unfairly taking Wright's 'greatest hits' out of context. No, the O-bots are trying to take Wright out of emotional context. This wasn't some dispassionate seminar on American foreign policy. I cut the two videos to put Wright's statements in the emotional context.

I'd go further to say that both Wright and Malcolm X, in their non-American zeal, are taking these foreign policy issues out of the global strategic context. When I think of President Kennedy, I think of the Cuban Missile Crisis:

Here's the line that grabs me:

"It shall be the policy of this Nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western Hemisphere as an attack by the Soviet Union on the United States, requiring a full retaliatory response upon the Soviet Union."

(That 'full retaliatory response' he's talking about -- the promised response that backed down the Soviet superpower -- that's the American power that Rev. Wright curses and which the ambivalent Obama has no conviction to preserve, nor any idea how to.)

But the Soviet Union didn't seem to exist in Malcolm's worldview ("America is the last stronghold of white supremacy.") With the highest respect to Malcolm X, his prophesy in the 'Chickens Come Home To Roost' speech is a fantasy that only make sense from a fundamentalist 'fire and brimstone' point of view. Malcolm fantasizes that the Third World will live in peace after the downfall of America. But in the event of America's downfall, the Soviet Union would have gotten about right away carving up the Third World like a cheesecake, and Malcolm X would have been left to give another speech against the successors of Josef Stalin.

I used the phrase 'non-American zeal' before. I think 'non-American' fits Malcolm rather than 'anti-American.' Malcolm X was a great leader for black people, but he could not have been a leader for the whole country -- he didn't really think America was his country:

"... the race problem can easily be solved, just by sending these twenty-two million ex-slaves back to our own homeland where we can live in peace and harmony with our own kind."

His own assassination by the Nation of Islam suggests, had Malcolm been the head of state of a new African nation populated by repatriated Black Americans, he would have met the same fate as Kennedy, for similar reasons that have nothing to do with chickens and everything to do with these fundamentals of human nature of whatever color: power, predation and ambition. And just who would have defended that newborn African nation from nuclear threats by the Soviet Union after America's downfall?

Trinity United 93

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