My 'NOBAMA' graffiti art. I'm not that good at graffiti style. These guys are amazing:

I just love her!
O-bots are in a hurry to get Hillary out of the race so they can start negative campaigning on McCain--that's all they've got. Hillary's record and positive message on the economy apply to both the primary and the general -- she's already campaigining against McCain with her 'Solutions for America' message. Obama has flubbed his 'hope and faith' baloney message, all he has left is negativity. So he's in a rush to switch his negativity away from Hillary onto McCain.

Dear Senator Leahy (part 2):

Some things you seem unaware of:

1. I care more about Senator Clinton than I do about the Democratic party, which has embarrassed and shamed me by losing again and again and again and again. Anti-Clinton Democrats have destroyed their own chances for 40 years.

2. You come from the same state as Dean. Your unwise intrusion into this race increases suspicion that Dean is helping Obama block Michigan and Florida revotes. As a senior Senator from the same state as the Democratic Chair, it would be better for you to stay quiet.

Richardson contradicts himself on superdelegates. Kennedy-Kerry contradict Pelosi on the role of superdelegates. Ted Kennedy passes the 'Kennedy torch' onto a candidate whose pastor celebrates the assassination of his own brother by quoting Malcolm X -- now Senator Kennedy looks foolish. Your unwise intrusion only intensifies the perception that the anti-Clinton wing of the Democrtatic Party is too confused to run the Executive Branch. With all respect, keep quiet and let the race play out.

3. Rushing is a common con artist technique -- called pulling a 'fast one.' When someone tries to rush me to a decision, I know they are hustling me. You are trying to rush Senator Clinton out of the race before another bombshell like Rev. Wright is exposed about unvetted Obama, which will reflect poorly on your judgement. You are hustling us.

4, You want Senator Clinton to clean up the MI-FL mess for you by quitting. It's not her job to clean up Dean's mess.

5. By demanding that Senator Clinton quit, you undermine her ability to bring her own supporters back into the Democratic fold if she is not the nominee. Many of Hillary's supporters are centrist Democrats -- more religious, more defense/security-minded -- more responsive to Senator McCain to begin with. Others are furious over the coddling and flagrant media bias and sexism in favor of Obama. In this atmosphere of flagrant media bias, you add to the bias by supporting Dean -- the 'BIASED BUNGLER' -- on Michigan and Florida.

6. All the reasons for nominating a novice President are gone. Post-racial? Gone. National Unity? Gone. National realignment? Gone.

7. Since Obama's church is unmentionable, Obama forfeits faith, national security and patriotism to McCain. There can be no national realignment around Obama, who now can't speak to faith, and who is weak on national security and patriotism.

8. You have endorsed Obama, so your advice to Senator Clinton to quit the race is biased. You are only speaking for your chosen candidate.

With all respect to a former friend, you should consider the long track record of Democratic defeat before giving advice to Hillary and Bill Clinton, the only Democrats who have won a Presidential election in 30 years, the only two-term Democratic President in the second half of the 20th century (Jimmy Carter is a good man, but he only won because of Watergate).


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