That Woman!

"You underestimate her at your peril." -- John McCain.

McCain should know. Hillary Clinton has a track record of regrouping and coming back to win against Republicans. Her challenge in NH was to find a way to win without the fearsome infighting she deploys against the Radical Right--the peril McCain rightly fears--but would never use on a fellow Democrat and a likeable African American.* And she had five days to do it.

Five Fucking Days!

Against a tidal wave of flagrant media bias. A tsunami of anti-Hillary spin on the blogs. Flagrant double-standards. Blacks: Vote for Barack because he's black. Women: Don't vote for Hillary because she's a woman. An army of pundit/whores like Tim Russert and Chris Matthews licking Obama's buttcrack like it was filled with vanilla ice cream. As if our President could expect his ass licked nice and shiny by h.K.* Vladimir Putin -- a man who poisons his political enemies. What's the new catch-phrase? "Give me a break!"

Andrew Sullivan flatly declares that Obama's race shields him from attack. Re madrassas, etc.:

"But the smarter ones know it will not be easy to do this without being exposed in due course as a poisonous force in our culture and politics. Targeting a minority candidate in this sleazy way is not something a future majority party will want to do."

Funny how that doesn't apply to sleazy misogyny -- even right there in the John Cole quote in Sullivan's post. So the Right can call white Democrats bin Laden-lovers but they can't get away with that on a black candidate?

As if China or the EU would take it it easy on Obama because he's African American. "Give me a break!"

But for the time being, Obama does enjoy a race-based double-standard. Actually a triple-standard, since he benefits from flagrant misogyny fired from all directions at Hillary, as well as the quirky irony of this campaign season -- hands off a black candidate as long as he doesn't talk about race. And of course, no smart Dem wants to alienate black voters.

Against this, and without the scorched earth political toolkit that McCain smartly fears, she had five days to figure out how to win. She did it.

The woman is brilliant! 'Comeback Kid' doesn't begin to describe it.

*Because, make no doubt about it, if Obama were a Republican, she'd gut the comely naif and feed his innards to her goldfish.
*h.K. Vlaidimir Putin (hunter-killer)


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