Seeing Visions

Kate Harding proves it -- the media is a joke. In just the best blog post of this election, Harding skewers Meghan Daum of the L.A. Times -- comparing Daum's gender hit piece on Clinton stupid-for-stupid to a joke piece in the spoof newspaper The Onion. This is unbelievable:

"Shouldn't the first woman to break the gender barrier of the American presidency be the type of woman who listens to those who doubt her and bows to public opinion more often?"

"We want, on some level, for her to win the White House according to the dating guide "The Rules" -- acting aloof to the point of indifference."

Now, don't peek. You pick the spoof from the supposedly serious editorial. Then go to Harding's blog and see. She could have used some of the Maureen Dowd crap, but Daum will do. Our media have officially become jokes. But no matter how bad it gets, I still believe in the First Amendment.

Obama and Hillary share credit for the huge primary turnouts and galactic fundraising we've seen. I slept through the 2004 Primary. Gore vs Bradley was a virtual lobotomy of a snooze of a drag of a bore. Clinton vs. Obama is 21st Century Celebrity Deathmatch.

The contrasts are drawn clear as crystal--we react in different ways. Andrew Sullivan says Hillary's 'experience' is 'sliming her opponents'--like that's a bad thing. Yes, Hillary slimes the perverts, freaks and hypocrites on the Radical Right -- you go, girl! Her most controversial 'flaws' -- I see as strengths. She's a winner. People knock her for having what it takes to win an election in the modern American democracy. To me that makes zero sense. Who wants 'Mr. Rogers' wimp who can't win?

And speaking of wimp, can you spell Obama? Why hasn't he cheated on his wife? Is it morality or low testosterone? Has he at least lusted in his heart? Can we get a reading before we nominate this guy?

Bill Clinton proved Americans want an Alpha in the White House. Alpha Male, Alpha Female. Makes no difference to me, but the President has to be an Alpha -- by definition.

What's this Obama 'vision' thing about? The President has to run a vast network of Alphas. I mean, who becomes Defense Secretary? Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, FBI Director, CIA Director? Betas don't rise to those positions.

Obama can see all the visions he wants. Alphas don't do what Betas tell them.

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