Rudy Giuliani - 'The World Is Mine'

I hope Giuliani goes nowhere. Though it's not very reassuring if Huckabee is the reason. The subtext to Giuliani tanking, Huckabee and Obama rising is "Bush was a good President, he solved terrorism." That's scary naive. Clinton vs. McCain would restore my faith in the good sense of the American voter.

My animation is inspired by an old 'Three Stooges' spoof of Hitler, Hirohito and Mussolini - 'I'll Never Heil Again' (1941). In a summit with his axis partners, Moe (amazing Hitler imitation) grabs a globe and rounds around the room yelling 'The World Belongs To Me.' The Stooges brilliantly portrayed the dictators as lunatics, especially when you realize, with their insane antics, the Stooges were actually more rational than the people they were skewering. Classic, over-the-top political humor -- made when the U.S. was still neutral in WWII!


Obama's Fantasy World

I'm so disappointed in Obama right now. He's a brilliant bullshitter -- that's all I see. But this will all work out fine. Hillary will win the nom. I think she'll be President. And sometime in the future -- assuming we have a future in light of Pakistan -- perhaps one day Obama will fit the bill.

I won't go on at length, but Obama's campaign is insulting. All his arguments are bullshit. "He was against the war." So was I, you can read it in my blog. That doesn't mean I can be President.

"Cheney/Rumsfeld had experience, look at them." The problem is President Bush! Not Cheney/Rumsfeld.

The big difference in the Bush Jr. II fiasco from the Reagan-Bush years is the absence of James Baker, Reagan's Chief of Staff and the first Bush's State Secretary. Iraq would not have happened if Baker was in there. And Baker didn't join the Administration because he couldn't work with Bush. Baker also advised Colin Powell not to take the job of State Secretary if he didn't have a relationship with Bush equal to Cheney's and Rumsfeld's -- which Powell didn't.

So the problem is not these two 'experienced' psychopaths who were reined in by Ford and Bush 41. The problem is a novice President who can't handle his team of advisors -- exactly what we would get with Obama. Obama isn't Bush Lite, he's Bush Left.

And all this 'Different Kind of Politics' bullshit. Please, save it.

It's too bad Obama chose to run for President too soon so he has to run on bullshit. Fantasy plus charisma don't cut it. After his stuttering meltdown under pressure on CNN, I had fun comparing Obama to Max Headroom -- that funny, all-talk brain-dead techno-glitch.

Speak From The Heart - Hillary Clinton At Wellesley

I saw blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughn a New Year's Eve Concert - one of his last concert before he died in the summer of 1990. As his band jammed behind him, Stevie Ray stopped playing for a moment to talk to the audience. I couldn't hear what Stevie Ray was saying, but I could tell he was speaking about something deeply personal. I was moved even without hearing his words.

Later on I saw a video of a Stevie Ray Vaughn show of television. Now I could make out that Stevie Ray was talking about his recovery from substance abuse, hoping anyone with the same things going on will find their way to recovery, so they can be there for their families when they need them. Wow! It was powerful stuff -- but it was as powerful when I saw Stevie Ray live and couldn't even hear his words.

That's the point of my Youtube video 'Speak From The Heart - Hillary Clinton at Wellesley.' You don't need to hear their words -- just look at the faces of these supporters of Senator Clinton, young and old, and the Senator herself.

This was the event where the media said Hillary 'played the gender card.' Judge for yourself -- as it a wonderful, inspiring day or something negative, as the media portrayed it?

The music is 'A Beacon In Beige' from The New Amsterdams (At The Foot of My Rival) and 'The Greatest' from Cat Power.