Dear Senator Leahy

Dear Senator Leahy:

Let's play Jepoardy:

Clue: Pat Buchanan understands Democratic voters better than Pat Leahy.

Question: Why do Democrats always lose Presidential elections unless a Clinton is running?

With all respect to a former friend, your claim that Hillary is hurting Democratic chances in the fall is wrong. Chaos and confusion in the primary is worse than a healthy, hotly contested primary. No one in the party seems to know the role of superdelegates! No one in the party seems to know why you have superdelegates in the first place!

You, Kennedy, Kerry, Daschle, Richardson, Dean, Brazille and Pelosi-- with your bizarre public comments on superdelegates, give the impression of chaos and confusion in the anti-Clinton wing. With all respect, you should all shut up. You are not helping. Add to that the confusion over Michigan and Florida. As a lifelong Democrat, you make me feel that anti-Clinton Democrats are too confused to control the Executive Branch. This has nothing to do with the candidates, but with these unwise intrusions from confused, biased 'party leaders.' Especially since your frontrunner is a novice who will depend on advisors and 'operating officers' -- it looks like the confusion we see now is endemic in the anti-Clinton wing of the Democratic party and that an Obama administration would be a failure.

Granny Obama: 'Typical White Person' lost in Harlem.

I keep seeing Obama's grandmother in New York City, surrounded by 'black men', not knowing where to turn. Really, if you crossed the street every time you saw a black person in New York, you'd spend forever walking in circles.

I want to make sure people know about this piece by Wayne Barrett in New York's Village Voice on 'Morning Joe' Scarborough and the sickening bias at BSNBC:

"Scarborough has a remarkably partisan past that is steeped in deep Clinton hatred. And unlike his conservative colleagues at Fox and CNN, his message reaches far deeper into a party still considering a Clinton. It's the network's liberal image that camouflages Scarborough ..."

"The first two abortion doctors murdered by pro-life assassins were shot to death on their way to Pensacola clinics, both during Joe Scarborough's first congressional campaign. In 1993, Dr. David Gunn was killed, and Michael Griffin was accused of his murder. Scarborough represented Griffin pro bono ..."

" ... the largest donor to Scarborough's cash-starved [congressional] campaign was the National Right to Life Committee ..."

Wayne Barrett deserves a Pulitzer for his work on Rudy Giuliani -- good stuff that helped stop that awful candidate from getting traction. Hillary is 44 recently featured Barrett's work on Michigan-Florida in a post that exposes Dean as shell-shocked and basically out of it, and Brazile, Tom 'Loser' Daschle and Obama as liars.

Jeremiah X

This isn't pleasant. I did some editing of Rev. Wright with 9/11 footage and the Zapruder film of the Kennedy killing:

The Obama talking points are: (1) Wright was actually quoting some guy named Edward Beck who no one has ever heard of. Bullshit. Wright was quoting Malcolm X and he says so:

"What Malcolm X said when he got silenced by Elijah Muhammad was in fact true. America's chickens ... are coming home to roost."

You see in the video the congregation starts clapping before Wright finishes the sentence: "America's chickens (pause for applause) are coming home to roost." The congregation recognizes the infamous quote by Malcolm X on the Kennedy assasination. So the 'Edward Beck' talking point is very feeble bullshit.

Obama Talking Point (2): We're unfairly taking Wright's 'greatest hits' out of context. No, the O-bots are trying to take Wright out of emotional context. This wasn't some dispassionate seminar on American foreign policy. I cut the two videos to put Wright's statements in the emotional context.

I'd go further to say that both Wright and Malcolm X, in their non-American zeal, are taking these foreign policy issues out of the global strategic context. When I think of President Kennedy, I think of the Cuban Missile Crisis:

Here's the line that grabs me:

"It shall be the policy of this Nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western Hemisphere as an attack by the Soviet Union on the United States, requiring a full retaliatory response upon the Soviet Union."

(That 'full retaliatory response' he's talking about -- the promised response that backed down the Soviet superpower -- that's the American power that Rev. Wright curses and which the ambivalent Obama has no conviction to preserve, nor any idea how to.)

But the Soviet Union didn't seem to exist in Malcolm's worldview ("America is the last stronghold of white supremacy.") With the highest respect to Malcolm X, his prophesy in the 'Chickens Come Home To Roost' speech is a fantasy that only make sense from a fundamentalist 'fire and brimstone' point of view. Malcolm fantasizes that the Third World will live in peace after the downfall of America. But in the event of America's downfall, the Soviet Union would have gotten about right away carving up the Third World like a cheesecake, and Malcolm X would have been left to give another speech against the successors of Josef Stalin.

I used the phrase 'non-American zeal' before. I think 'non-American' fits Malcolm rather than 'anti-American.' Malcolm X was a great leader for black people, but he could not have been a leader for the whole country -- he didn't really think America was his country:

"... the race problem can easily be solved, just by sending these twenty-two million ex-slaves back to our own homeland where we can live in peace and harmony with our own kind."

His own assassination by the Nation of Islam suggests, had Malcolm been the head of state of a new African nation populated by repatriated Black Americans, he would have met the same fate as Kennedy, for similar reasons that have nothing to do with chickens and everything to do with these fundamentals of human nature of whatever color: power, predation and ambition. And just who would have defended that newborn African nation from nuclear threats by the Soviet Union after America's downfall?

Trinity United 93

Feel free to embed the Youtubers wherever you want.


My 'NOBAMA' graffiti art. I'm not that good at graffiti style. These guys are amazing:

I just love her!
O-bots are in a hurry to get Hillary out of the race so they can start negative campaigning on McCain--that's all they've got. Hillary's record and positive message on the economy apply to both the primary and the general -- she's already campaigining against McCain with her 'Solutions for America' message. Obama has flubbed his 'hope and faith' baloney message, all he has left is negativity. So he's in a rush to switch his negativity away from Hillary onto McCain.

Dear Senator Leahy (part 2):

Some things you seem unaware of:

1. I care more about Senator Clinton than I do about the Democratic party, which has embarrassed and shamed me by losing again and again and again and again. Anti-Clinton Democrats have destroyed their own chances for 40 years.

2. You come from the same state as Dean. Your unwise intrusion into this race increases suspicion that Dean is helping Obama block Michigan and Florida revotes. As a senior Senator from the same state as the Democratic Chair, it would be better for you to stay quiet.

Richardson contradicts himself on superdelegates. Kennedy-Kerry contradict Pelosi on the role of superdelegates. Ted Kennedy passes the 'Kennedy torch' onto a candidate whose pastor celebrates the assassination of his own brother by quoting Malcolm X -- now Senator Kennedy looks foolish. Your unwise intrusion only intensifies the perception that the anti-Clinton wing of the Democrtatic Party is too confused to run the Executive Branch. With all respect, keep quiet and let the race play out.

3. Rushing is a common con artist technique -- called pulling a 'fast one.' When someone tries to rush me to a decision, I know they are hustling me. You are trying to rush Senator Clinton out of the race before another bombshell like Rev. Wright is exposed about unvetted Obama, which will reflect poorly on your judgement. You are hustling us.

4, You want Senator Clinton to clean up the MI-FL mess for you by quitting. It's not her job to clean up Dean's mess.

5. By demanding that Senator Clinton quit, you undermine her ability to bring her own supporters back into the Democratic fold if she is not the nominee. Many of Hillary's supporters are centrist Democrats -- more religious, more defense/security-minded -- more responsive to Senator McCain to begin with. Others are furious over the coddling and flagrant media bias and sexism in favor of Obama. In this atmosphere of flagrant media bias, you add to the bias by supporting Dean -- the 'BIASED BUNGLER' -- on Michigan and Florida.

6. All the reasons for nominating a novice President are gone. Post-racial? Gone. National Unity? Gone. National realignment? Gone.

7. Since Obama's church is unmentionable, Obama forfeits faith, national security and patriotism to McCain. There can be no national realignment around Obama, who now can't speak to faith, and who is weak on national security and patriotism.

8. You have endorsed Obama, so your advice to Senator Clinton to quit the race is biased. You are only speaking for your chosen candidate.

With all respect to a former friend, you should consider the long track record of Democratic defeat before giving advice to Hillary and Bill Clinton, the only Democrats who have won a Presidential election in 30 years, the only two-term Democratic President in the second half of the 20th century (Jimmy Carter is a good man, but he only won because of Watergate).