Media Lowlifes Wrong As Usual

Eriposte voices our growing disgust with the media while debunking media spin that blacks voting for Obama in Nevada or South Carolina somehow means we won't turnout for Clinton in the general.

Repubs and the media would love to recreate the 2001 Mayor's Race in NYC. Liberal Mark Green lost to total unknown Mike Bloomberg in heavily Dem NY after race problems crept into the primary between Green and popular hispanic Fred Ferrer. Offensive flyers went out from Green staffers linking Ferrer with Rev. Sharpton. (Green denied knowing about it -- I believed him.) It wasn't the flyers. I voted for Green in the primary, Ferrer in the run-off, and Bloomberg (my only Repub vote ever) in the general. By the general I was so mad at Green I would have voted for Giuliani. I went as far as to write the Bloomberg campaign outlining how to use race to beat Green -- a man I'd always admired and saw as a liberal ally, both to black voters and the Percy Sutton black Democratic machine in New York.

Was it all about race? Green made the mistake of going negative with a 'stressor' ad the night before the run-off so Ferrer couldn't respond. It was a sneak attack on Ferrer a week after the sneak attack on 9/11--awful timing. I was so stressed out already that an ominous voice-over (the world will end if Ferrer wins) flipped me out, and enough blacks and Latinos to cost Green the general. Also, liberal Green tacked right on racially divisive issues: Al Sharpton/police brutality. Green also punked out when Giuliani (whom blacks despised in the extreme and were salivating to be rid of) tried to overthrow term limits after 9/11 and install himself as Mayor In Perpetuity.

So it wasn't just the rough campaign stuff with Ferrer. As long as the Clintons don't tack right on black issues, they can survive a slugout with Obama. But watch third party Bloomberg -- he finessed this angle perfectly, right into the Mayor's Office. I'd add that Chuck Schumer knows this game inside out as well, and will advise the Clintons if they need any advice (which they don't).

The bottom line is blacks don't fear payback from the Clintons if we vote with pride for Obama. Under Giuliani, black New Yorkers officially did not exist after voting against Rudy 97%--and Rudy wasn't really viewed as racist, just a petty, vindictive fascist. I have no doubt Hillary will consider blacks her constituents, no matter how we vote. Blacks know that, and that's important.

And Big Dog will say, 'hey, I treated Obama like a man. I didn't patronize him with kid gloves, I fought him just like I'd fight any white rival." Blacks recognize the patronizing 'pat on the head' from phoneys like Tim Russert. We understand users like Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell. Big Dog can cast the rough stuff as a sign of respect--and we'll understand. We'll come around just fine for the general.
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