Obama Gives Good Speech

Obama and his defenders keep saying 'Bill is distorting Obama's record on the war." But they don't say what that distortion is. And Obama isn't vocally defending his war voting record. He just keeps repeating that the Clintons are distorting that record.

Obama: "When Senator Clinton says -- or President Clinton says -- that I wasn't opposed to the war from the start or says it's a fairytale that I opposed the war, that is simply not true." That's not what the Clintons say. They say he hasn't done anything to oppose the war except give a speech back in 2002.

Bill says he gave a great speech on the war in 2002. Then he took the speech off his website. That's a fact. Obama's explanation: the speech was 'dated' in 2003. That's the Clinton point: If it was dated in 2003, it's even more dated in 2008. The Clintons: Obama's whole candidacy is premised on the 2002 speech. Did he do anything else to oppose the war besides make a speech -- we already know he gives good speech. Why don't we know what else he did? We know about Hillary and SCHIP.

Obama says he was a community organizer. That's just a job title. Technically, Bayard Rustin was a community organizer. But if Rustin were running for President, he wouldn't go around repeating his job title. He'd say "I organized the March on Washington, dammit!"


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