Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Sure it's easy to say now, but Hil missed a zinger last night. While Obama goes on some lengthy explanation of what he really meant about Reagan, Hil could have said.

"Save it for the classroom, Barack. You invoked a conservative icon who was a figurehead because you're running as figurehead. And as for what I was doing during the Reagan years? I was fighting Reagan head-to-head to protect Legal Services for the poor. When Reagan tried to transfer the $300 million legal services budget--money I fought to get under Jimmy Carter--into defense spending, I fought him as Chairman of the Legal Services Corporation. Not only did I fight him, I beat him. I don't just talk about progressive policies, I know how to defend progressive policies from attack by conservative extremists like Reagan whose ghost you conjure up to support your figurehead campaign. Thanks to my successful fight with President Reagan, freezing tenants who don't have heat--like the tenants of your Chicago slumlord buddy Tony Rezko--who was financing your campaign instead of payng for heating oil--those freezing tenants can go to Legal Services and force slumlords like your buddy Rezko to turn on the heat. Snap!"

Like I said, it's easy to say now.


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